Peters Neck

Peters Neck is the site of one of the Thompson plantations and reputed to be one of the residences of Harriet Tubman's father Ben Ross. The following is a general map of the wider area and includes site numbers identified by the Choptank Region Heritage Network.


Next is an enlargement of a USGS topog showing the Peters Neck area. Site 5 is believed to be the approximate location of Ben Ross's residence located on a road adjacent to the former Thompson plantation.


Below, the photo to the left shows the present day location of the entrance to the former Thompson plantation, the privated land is gated. The photo to the right is of a lane just to the right of this entrance, a road which ran alongside the edge of the Thompson property and where Ben Ross is believed to have had his home while living and working in this area of Dorchester County.

Thompson_PetersNeck.jpg BenRoss_at_Thompson.jpg
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