The Sherman Institute Boarding House


Today, the boarding house of the former Sherman Institute is located at Indian Creek. Captain Thomas B. Sherman, owner of nearby Waterloo, started the school called Sherman's Collegiate Institute. Between 1871 and 1877, Sherman moved the school to East New Market where it remained until 1914 when it burned during the town's fire. The boarding house part of the school remained at the location on Route 16 near Green Point Road.
Source: Collinsfactor website

What we do not know:
It is believed that the Rev. Samuel Green may have lived or was at least well known to Captain Thomas B. Sherman. There is speculation that Green may have lived on remaining Choptank Indian Land adjacent to the Sherman property. The Sherman Institute was located in this area during much of Samuel Green's early years. What we do not know is if there might have been a relationship of some sort with Sherman and Green which afforded Green with an early education.

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